Katy Perry Rocks New Costumes During Prismatic World Tour

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Katy Perry Prismatic Fashion

Katy Perry isn’t one to turn her nose up at new and unique approaches to fashion.

For the uninitiated, the “Roar” singer is presently dazzling folks from all walks of life on her Prismatic World Tour. When it came time to assemble a wardrobe for the shows, Perry reached out to fashion designer Alexis Mabille. Although you’d think finding something fantastic for Katy to wear would prove difficult, Mabille said the singer is surprisingly easy to dress.

According to Cover Media, Katy Perry is very open-minded when it comes to fashion. Alexis explained that the singer’s love of color and outrageous costumes makes her almost like a “show girl.”

“She loves going far away and has very strong views. She loves fashion, she really plays the game of being a woman,” the designer told People during a recent chat.

In addition working with Mabille, Katy Perry also joined forces with Fausto Puglisi. The singer reportedly rocks a “a lilac-and-gold crystal embroidered leotard, fringe gladiator skirt, and over-the-knee boots” while doing her thing on-stage during her tour.

“I am so happy to be a part of this larger-than-life creative adventure. Katy is a modern pop warrior — fearless, independent and so colorful. I was inspired to reference my love for Hollywood magic, and passion for freedom and self-expression to create a Cleopatra dream,” Puglisi explained to the magazine.

One person who isn’t clearly isn’t impressed with Katy Perry’s new stage show is fellow pop star Lady Gaga. The Huffington Post reports that Mother Monster issued a not-too-subtle tweet suggesting that someone is borrowing a few of her ideas. Although she doesn’t mention this person by name, folks shouldn’t have too much trouble connecting the dots.

Here’s a little photographic evidence for anyone who believes Lady Gaga is referring to someone else. Check out Katy Perry and her green hair.

Here’s Perry straddling an enormous fake horse.

Regardless of whether Katy Perry is borrowing ideas for her wardrobe from Lady Gaga — Buzzfeed claims she lifted quite a costumes from an old Archie comic book — the singer is still out there making fans happy. Be sure to catch the singer during the Prismatic World Tour if she brings the show to your neck of the woods.

[Image via Love Fashion]

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